Cafe Westerdok wins gold!

Café Westerdok is situated on the corner of the Westerdoksdijk and Barentszplein overlooking The IJ, part of  the former Zuiderzee. 
The Cafe was first establlished in 1899. After aquiring the Cafe in 2006 Steve personally renovated the bar with help from family and friends before re-opening. The historical character was preserved. Steve runs the Cafe with his lifetime partner Adelina Landman and their son Justin.

During the last bock festival in November 2016 in Amsterdam, for the first time the PINT-Horeca Awards were awarded. The longstanding efforts of Steve and Adelina to deliver great quality at Cafe Westerdok, have been awarded the highest rating you can get from this jury: Gold!

Next to the vast selection of beers on tap and bottle, the cafe is also appreciated on knowledge, hospitality, cleanliness and price / quality ratio. Exactly what the focus has been for so many years! And still is.

Steve knows his beer

So Steve is a beer lover and is very passionate about it. His Cafe can rightly be called a special beer Cafe with ten on draught and an even larger assortment of bottled beers ( approx.60 )  Various Abbey ales, all readily available Trappist beers from Belgium and The Netherlands. Various Geuze, wheat beers fruit beers and English beers. Naturally the well known beers from Brouwerij t' IJ in Amsterdam are also available.

 Free House

Steve has a free house which means he is free to determine the beer selection himself as he has no commitments to any brewery whatsoever. The house wine like the beers is of good quality and is supplied by the well known Amsterdam supplier " De Wijnkelder". Spirits that can be expected in a Cafe are also available.

Smokers section, billiards & darts.

Cafe Westerdok has a separate very well ventilated 55 sq/m lounge where smoking is permitted, this is not allowed in the normal bar area. There is also a billiard table and two dart lanes in the lounge.


 If you like good beer then Cafe' Westerdok is the place to be, Steve takes exceptionally good care of the entire beer installation, he cleans the beer lines & taps personally after every barrel change, to ensure the highest possible quality. Abbey ales, Belgian special ales or just a nice cold pilsener, all served at the right temperature in the appropriate glass, yours to enjoy! If you ask, Steve will share any details and anecdotes he knows that apply to your beer. We give tasters of our draught beers to help you choose, or let Steve surprise you with something nice from a bottle.